Best Vision Best Life

I was literally blown away at the difference between ace optics and generic sunglasses. I also was someone that never wore sunnies often but now that I own a pair of ace optics, the difference in my vision has changed significantly as I’m now driving without squinting and see things the way they should be seen.

Karlie Australia


Ace Optics have style, quality and comfort mastered. Their attention to detail in design and the manufacturing process make these sunnies a visual pleasure to wear. 

Tait Australia


I don’t think you’ll ever quite understand how much I adore my sunglasses. Honestly they are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t know how I did life without them.

Belinda Australia


Colour-blind Ace Aphotic Khaki wearer. 
Wow! I have never noticed the colour of those trees before. I can see it now because of these glasses! I have never seen the brilliant red flowers of a Poinsettia!

Paul Australia

Aphotic® Superior Vision Lenses

Aphotic® Steel Polarised Gradient Lenses

Define natural surroundings relaxing your eyes

Aphotic® Khaki Polarised Gradient Lenses

Separates green from shadow sharpening your vision

Aphotic® Axinite Polarised Gradient Lenses

High depth perception sharpening objects and distance

Aphotic® Imperial Polarised Gradient Lenses

Soothing to your eyes for long days outdoors

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