Polarised Aphotic Lenses

Improve your Sports Performance, help eliminate headaches and fatigue caused by scrambled light.

There is nothing like Ace® Vision

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Uniquely Ace®


With 35 years of experience and knowledge an authority on eyewear Frank Miletic developed Ace® so that Athletes can Improve Sports Performance and for you to experience the Freedom of the Outdoors in Pleasure wearing Luxurious Comfort.


Ace® is Trusted by a rapidly growing number of Athletes and Consumers who’s experience is, they instantly perform better, recover faster and feel vitality due to their eyes not having any visual strain.

There is nothing like Ace® Vision for you to gauge accurate distance and sharpen objects.


When you care about your Vision you will want to see accurately.

Ace® Performance engineered Aphotic® lenses help eliminate headaches and fatigue mostly caused by inferior products.


Enjoy all your Adventures, Freedom of the Outdoors and experience instant eye relief.


You too can enjoy the only brand you will ever need, and own your very own pair of Ace®.


Rave Reviews

"One of my favorite places and favorite things! ...Australia and Sunglasses combined!!! ...or sunnies as they call them. I love my @aceoptics sunglasses!

The clarity and quality of these lenses makes the sun in  #lasvegas  and  #losangeles bearable and my eyes feel relaxed and pleasant."​

Romeo Johnson Vocal Coach To The Stars USA

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